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Yacht Services



Our yacht maintenance, repair, and refit center has a dedicated team of technical experts who specialize in yacht mechanics and hydraulics. We understand the challenges posed by new technologies and complex systems and are equipped to provide a range of services to address them.


Here are some of the services we offer in the field of yacht mechanics and hydraulics:

  1. Servicing and maintenance of machines: We offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance of yacht machinery, including regular inspections, lubrication, and adjustment of components. We aim to keep your machinery in top working condition to avoid unexpected breakdowns and optimize performance.
  2. Shafts and propellers: Our skilled technicians can perform alignment, measuring, repair, and calibration of shafts and propellers. We also offer services such as bearing replacement and installing new machinery.
  3. Installation of new engines, generators, and inverters: We have the expertise to install new engines, generators, and inverters in your yacht. Our team ensures that all installations comply with relevant certifications and standards, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety.

  4. Detection of zones with overheating using thermographic techniques: We utilize thermographic techniques to identify areas of your yacht's machinery that may be experiencing overheating. This allows us to pinpoint potential issues and address them promptly, ensuring the optimal performance and safety of your yacht.
  5. Endoscopic inspection of engines: We employ endoscopic inspection techniques to examine the internal components of engines, enabling us to identify any potential damage, wear, or abnormalities. This allows for early detection of problems and enables us to perform necessary repairs or maintenance.
  6. Redesign in machine rooms: If you require a redesign or reconfiguration of your yacht's machine rooms to accommodate new equipment or improve functionality, our team can provide expert advice and execute the necessary changes with precision.
  7. Adjustment, overhaul, and repair of pumps: Our team is proficient in the adjustment, overhaul, and repair of pumps, ensuring their optimal functionality. We can also install high-pressure lines and perform maintenance on pumps, pressure groups, pistons, rolling devices, hydraulic cylinders, kicking straps, and more.


We understand the critical role that mechanics and hydraulics play in the performance and safety of your yacht. Our technical experts are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient services to keep your yacht operating at its best. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and schedule maintenance, repairs, or installations for your yacht's mechanical and hydraulic systems.



We are well-equipped to handle all aspects of yacht electricity, ensuring that your electrical systems are designed, maintained, and repaired to the highest standards.


Here are the services we offer in the field of yacht electricity:

  1. Charging measurement for batteries: Battery health is crucial for the proper functioning of your yacht's electrical systems. We provide charging measurements to assess the status of your batteries, ensuring they are properly charged and maintained. This helps maximize their lifespan and performance.
  2. Design and overhaul of electrical installations: Our team of experts can design and overhaul electrical installations for your yacht. Whether you need a completely new electrical system or modifications to an existing one, we ensure that the design is tailored to your specific requirements and complies with safety regulations and standards.
  3. Generator adjustment and synchronization, performance testing (LOAD BANK): Our experts can perform adjustment and synchronization of generators to ensure efficient power generation. We also conduct performance testing using load banks to evaluate the performance and reliability of your generators under realistic operating conditions.
  4. Insulation resistance measurements: Insulation resistance is crucial for electrical safety and system reliability. We conduct insulation resistance measurements to assess the condition of your yacht's electrical insulation and identify any potential issues. This helps in preventing electrical faults and ensuring the safety of your vessel.
  5. Detection of zones with overheating using thermographic techniques: We utilize thermographic techniques to identify areas of your yacht's electrical systems that may be experiencing overheating. By detecting potential hotspots early on, we can take corrective measures to prevent electrical failures or hazards.


Our goal is to provide reliable and safe electrical services for your yacht. Whether you need a new electrical installation, routine maintenance, or repairs, our team has the expertise to handle it. Contact us today to discuss your yacht's electrical needs and schedule the services you require.













We offer a comprehensive range of yacht electronics services to meet your navigation and electrical needs. Our experienced team specializes in the supply, installation, and repair of various navigation devices, as well as the maintenance of essential electrical components.

Here are the specific services we provide:

  1. Troubleshooting and diagnostics: Our skilled technicians can quickly identify the problem through comprehensive troubleshooting and diagnostics in case of electronic issues or malfunctions. We utilize advanced tools and techniques to pinpoint the root cause of the issue, allowing us to provide efficient and effective repairs.
  2. Supply, installation, and repair of navigation devices: We offer a wide selection of high-quality navigation devices, including GPS systems, plotters, automatic pilots, navigation software, thermal cameras, and more. Our team can assist you in selecting the most suitable equipment for your yacht and ensure its proper installation. Should any issues arise, we also provide efficient repair services to get your navigation devices back in optimal working condition.
  3. Supply and maintenance of batteries, chargers, rectifiers, inverters, etc.: We understand the importance of a reliable power supply on your yacht. Therefore, we offer various services related to batteries and electrical components. Our team can supply high-quality batteries, chargers, rectifiers, inverters, and other essential electrical equipment. We also provide regular maintenance and inspections to ensure proper functioning and longevity.

  4. Integration of yacht electronics: If you're looking to integrate various electronic systems on your yacht, such as navigation devices, communication equipment, and entertainment systems, our experts can handle the integration process seamlessly. We ensure that all systems work harmoniously, providing a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

  5. Software updates and upgrades: We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in yacht electronics. Our team can perform software updates and upgrades for your navigation devices and other electronic systems, ensuring they have the latest features, bug fixes, and enhanced functionality.


At our center,  we prioritize the quality and reliability of yacht electronics. Whether you need new installations, repairs, maintenance, or upgrades, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Contact us today to discuss your yacht's electronic needs and benefit from our professional services.









We take great pride in offering impeccable hull, deck, and superstructure painting services and conducting repairs on fibreglass, carbon fibre, and composite materials. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to achieving outstanding aesthetic finishes while ensuring maximum durability.


Here are the specific services we provide in this domain:

  1. Hull, deck, and superstructure painting: Our team specializes in yacht hulls, decks, and superstructures. We use high-quality products from trusted brands such as Awl Grip, Dupont Marine, and International. With meticulous attention to detail and expert application techniques, we deliver flawless paintwork that enhances the appearance and longevity of your yacht.
  2. Fibreglass, carbon fibre, and composite repairs: We have the expertise to perform repairs on various materials, including fibreglass, carbon fibre, and composites. Our technicians are skilled in restoring structural integrity and cosmetic finishes, ensuring that repairs seamlessly blend with the original design. We prioritize both functionality and aesthetics to achieve the highest quality results.
  3. Use of fibreglass, gel coats, varnishes, and Sika: We utilize various materials such as fibreglass, gel coats, varnishes, and Sika products to achieve superior results in our painting and repair work. These materials are carefully selected for their durability and compatibility with marine environments, ensuring long-lasting finishes.
  4. Fairing compounds, fillers, and finishings: We employ high-quality fairing compounds, fillers, and finishings to ensure smooth surfaces and flawless paint finishes. Our skilled technicians meticulously prepare the surfaces to achieve optimal results in terms of appearance and durability.
  5. Paintwork restoration and patching: If your yacht's paintwork has suffered damage or deterioration, we offer paintwork restoration and patching services. Our technicians can seamlessly blend new paintwork with the existing finish, restoring the original appearance of your yacht.
  6. Osmosis treatment and antifouling application: We provide osmosis treatment under the technical supervision of leading brands. Our services include the proper diagnosis and treatment of osmosis issues to restore the integrity of your yacht's hull. Additionally, we offer antifouling applications using advanced techniques, ensuring optimal protection against marine growth.
  7. Surface blasting: We offer surface blasting services using air/water/silica jet methods. Surface blasting effectively removes old paint, varnishes, gel coats, and corrosion, providing a clean surface for subsequent treatments and finishes.


We continuously strive to stay updated with the latest painting techniques and products through extensive training sessions. We aim to meet new craft specifications and sector requirements while delivering the highest quality results.


Contact us today to discuss your yacht painting, repair, or restoration needs. Our team is ready to provide professional advice, exceptional service, and the utmost attention to detail in our work.




We take great pride in offering specialized and comprehensive wood repair and maintenance services, ensuring maximum quality and care in every job we undertake. 


Here are the specific services we provide in wood repair and maintenance:

  1. Changing teak decks: We specialize in replacing and repairing teak decks, a common feature in classic boats. Our skilled craftsmen carefully remove the existing teak, address any underlying issues, and install new teak decking using traditional techniques or modern methods, depending on your preferences.
  2. Changing hull tables and caulking: We have expertise in replacing and repairing hull tables and caulking on classic boats. Whether you require repair of damaged tables or a complete replacement, we use high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship to ensure a seamless finish.
  3. Construction of masts, booms, and outriggers: Our experienced team can construct masts, booms, and outriggers for classic boats. We understand the unique requirements of classic boat rigging and take pride in producing structurally sound and visually appealing components that align with the boat's historical aesthetic.
  4. Design and construction of indoor and outdoor furniture: We offer design and construction services on classic boats for indoor and outdoor furniture. Our skilled artisans can create custom-made furniture pieces that blend functionality and timeless elegance, enhancing your yacht's interior and exterior spaces.
  5. Construction of pulleys and deck hardware: We specialize in constructing pulleys and deck hardware for classic boats. Our team can design and create custom-made hardware to match the original style or meet modern performance requirements, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.
  6. Installation and removal of keels on wooden boats: We have the expertise to handle the installation and removal of keels on wooden boats. Our team ensures precision and care during these delicate processes, maintaining the structural integrity of your yacht.


We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with classic boats, combining our understanding of boats in general with our sailing experience and participation in classic yacht refits. This unique combination allows us to deliver exceptional results, respecting classic boats' historical significance and craftsmanship.


When you entrust us with your wood repair and maintenance needs, you can expect meticulous attention to detail, high-quality materials, and a commitment to preserving the integrity and beauty of your classic boat.


Contact us today to discuss your wood repair and maintenance requirements, and let our team of experts provide you with the specialized services you require for your classic boat.










We offer a comprehensive range of rigging services to ensure the optimal performance and safety of your yacht's rigging system.


Our experienced team is well-versed in all aspects of rigging, and we provide the following services:


  1. Unstopping/stepping rigs and rigging services: We offer professional rigging services, including the stepping and unstopping of masts. Our team ensures rigging components' proper alignment and tensioning, allowing for optimal performance and safe sailing.
  2. Overhaul of winches and rigging: Our technicians are skilled in overhauling and maintaining winches and rigging. We thoroughly inspect and service winches to ensure smooth operation and optimal efficiency. Additionally, we conduct thorough inspections and perform necessary repairs or replacements on rigging components to maintain their integrity.
  3. Custom-made rigging: We specialize in creating solutions tailored to your yacht's requirements. Whether you need standing rigging, running rigging, or specialized rigging components, our team can design and fabricate them to meet your needs, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.
  4. Installation and maintenance of winches: We provide professional installation and maintenance services. Our team ensures proper installation, alignment, and operation of winches, and conducts routine maintenance to keep them in excellent condition.
  5. Sale and installation of deck hardware: We offer a wide range of high-quality deck hardware for sale. Our team can assist you in selecting the right hardware for your yacht and provide professional installation services to ensure proper function and durability.
  6. Customized ropes, sheets, cables, and lines: We provide customized ropes, sheets, cables, and lines tailored to your specific requirements. Our team can assist in selecting the appropriate materials, sizes, and configurations to meet your needs, whether for racing, cruising or specific applications.
  7. Sail furling system: We specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing sail furling systems. Whether you require a manual or electric furling system, we can assist you in selecting the right system for your yacht and ensure proper installation and functionality.
  8. Sale of masts: We offer a selection of high-quality masts for sale. Our team can help you choose the correct mast for your yacht, considering size, material, and sailing requirements.


Our commitment to quality, expertise, and attention to detail sets us apart in the rigging industry. Whether you require rigging services, custom-made components, or professional installation, our team is dedicated to ensuring your yacht's rigging system's performance, safety, and satisfaction.


Contact us today to discuss your rigging needs, and let us provide you with expert services and solutions tailored to your yacht.




We specialize in providing specialized welding services for technical applications. Our skilled welders are experienced in handling various welding techniques and materials.


Here are the welding services we offer:

  1. Technical welding: We excel in technical welding, which involves precise and specialized welding techniques for complex structures and components. Our welders are trained in various welding methods such as TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), MIG (Metal Inert Gas), and arc welding, ensuring high-quality and reliable welds.
  2. Design and manufacture of metal structures: We offer design and fabrication services for various metal structures, including arches, stanchions, tanks, poles, platforms, and bathing steps. Our team works closely with you to understand your requirements and delivers custom-made structures that meet your specifications.
  3. Hot and cold galvanizing: We provide hot-dip and cold galvanizing services to protect metal structures from corrosion. Galvanizing adds a protective zinc coating to the surface, extending the lifespan of the structures and ensuring durability in marine environments.
  4. Chrome plating and anodizing: Our services include chrome plating and anodizing, which are surface treatment processes used to enhance the appearance and durability of metal components. Chrome plating provides a decorative and corrosion-resistant finish, while anodizing adds a protective layer to aluminium surfaces.
  5. Installation of tubes in stainless steel and galvanized iron: We specialize in installing tubes made from stainless steel and galvanized iron. Our team ensures precise fitting and secure welding connections, meeting your structural integrity and durability requirements.
  6. Insulated tanks: We have expertise in fabricating and installing insulated tanks for various applications. Our insulated tanks are designed to meet specific requirements and are built to ensure temperature control and protection of the contents.
  7. Thickness measurements using ultrasound technique: We use ultrasound techniques to accurately measure the thickness of metal structures. This non-destructive testing method allows us to assess the integrity and identify any potential corrosion or thinning issues in the metal.
  8. Tooling and manufacture of customized parts: Our workshop is equipped to handle tooling and manufacture customized parts for specific applications. We work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver precision-made parts that meet your specifications.


We are committed to delivering high-quality welding services, custom fabrication, and surface treatments. Our team of experienced professionals ensures attention to detail, accuracy, and adherence to industry standards in every welding job we undertake.


Contact us today to discuss your welding and fabrication needs, and let us provide you with expert solutions tailored to your specific requirements.





We provide comprehensive yacht surveying services to assess the condition, value, and seaworthiness of yachts. Our team of experienced marine surveyors conducts thorough inspections and prepares detailed reports to help yacht owners make informed decisions.


Here are the key yacht surveying services we offer:

  1. Pre-Purchase Survey: Our pre-purchase survey is a comprehensive inspection that assesses the overall condition of the yacht. We examine the hull, deck, superstructure, rigging, machinery, electrical systems, and other critical components. This survey helps potential buyers understand the yacht's condition, identify any issues or deficiencies, and make an informed decision about purchasing.
  2. Condition Survey: A condition survey is conducted to evaluate the condition of an existing yacht. It includes a detailed inspection of the vessel's structure, systems, and equipment. The survey report provides an assessment of the overall condition, identifies areas that may require attention or repairs, and offers recommendations for maintenance and improvements.
  3. Insurance Survey: An insurance survey is typically required by insurance companies to determine the insurability and risk associated with a yacht. This survey assesses the vessel's condition, safety features, and compliance with relevant regulations. The survey report helps insurance providers determine appropriate coverage and premiums.
  4. Damage and Loss Assessment: In the event of an accident, we offer damage and loss assessment services. Our surveyors assess the extent of damage, provide an estimate for repairs, and determine the cause of the incident. This assessment is crucial for insurance claims and repair planning.
  5. Valuation Survey: A valuation survey is conducted to determine the fair market value of a yacht. Our surveyors evaluate the vessel's condition, equipment, age, and market trends to provide an accurate valuation report. This survey is often required for financing, insurance, or legal purposes.
  6. Stability and Load Testing: We offer stability and load testing services to assess a yacht's stability characteristics and its ability to carry the intended load. This testing ensures compliance with stability standards and provides valuable information for safe operation.
  7. Compliance and Certification Surveys: Our surveyors can conduct compliance and certification surveys to verify that a yacht meets specific regulatory requirements and industry standards. This may include inspections for compliance with safety codes, pollution prevention measures, or classification society standards.


Our yacht surveying services are conducted by experienced professionals who adhere to industry best practices and standards. We prioritize accuracy, objectivity, and thoroughness in our inspections and reports to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your yacht's condition.


Contact us today to discuss your yacht surveying needs and schedule an inspection with our qualified marine surveyors.



We offer non-destructive testing (NDT) services to assess the integrity and condition of various yacht components. NDT allows for thorough inspections without causing damage to the structures or materials being examined.


Here are the critical NDT services we provide:

  1. Thickness Measurement: We utilize ultrasonic or other appropriate techniques to accurately measure the hull and metal structures' thickness. This helps assess the structural integrity and identify any areas of corrosion or thinning that may require attention.

  2. Welded Joint Inspection: Our NDT experts inspect welded joints, pipes, outlets, and exhausts to ensure the quality of the welds and identify any defects or potential issues that could compromise the structural integrity or performance of the components.

  3. Propeller Shaft and Blade Inspection: We inspect propeller shafts, blades, and props to detect cracks, damage, or wear. This identifies potential issues early and facilitates timely repairs or replacements.

  4. Engine Component and Hydraulic System Inspection: Our NDT techniques inspect engine components and hydraulic systems, such as cylinders, valves, pumps, and hoses. This helps identify any flaws, leaks, or malfunctions that could affect the performance and reliability of the systems.

  5. Rudder, Mast, Boom, and Jumper Strut Inspection: We inspect rudders, masts, booms, and jumper struts to ensure structural integrity and detect any signs of damage or wear. This helps prevent potential failures that could compromise the safety and performance of the yacht.

  6. Rigging and Fixing Component Inspection: Our NDT experts inspect rigging components, including wire ropes, connectors, and fixing hardware, to identify signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. This ensures the reliability and safety of the rigging system.

  7. Keel Pin and Bolt Inspection: We inspect keel pins and bolts to ensure their integrity and detect any signs of corrosion, damage, or loose fittings. This is crucial for maintaining the stability and safety of the yacht.

  8. Carbon Fibre Structure Inspection: Our NDT techniques apply to inspect carbon fibre structures, including hulls, masts, and other components. This allows for the detection of delamination, cracks, or structural defects that may impact the performance and safety of the yacht.


Our NDT services are conducted by trained professionals using advanced techniques and equipment. We prioritize accuracy and reliability in our inspections, providing you with valuable information to make informed decisions about maintenance, repairs, or replacements.


Contact us today to discuss your specific NDT needs, and let our team of experts assist you in ensuring the integrity and safety of your yacht's components.










We are a team of dedicated professionals specializing in yacht design, construction, and operation. With our naval architecture and marine engineering expertise, we offer comprehensive services to meet yacht owners' and builders' unique needs.


Here's an overview of our offerings:

  1. Yacht Design and Development: Our experienced naval architects work closely with clients to bring their yacht design visions to life. We provide conceptual design services, utilizing advanced software and simulations to create innovative and aesthetically pleasing yacht designs. From luxury motor yachts to high-performance sailing vessels, we tailor our designs to meet your requirements.
  2. Structural Design and Analysis: We excel in designing robust and efficient yacht structures. Our naval architects use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to develop hull forms, superstructures, and structural elements that optimize performance, stability, and safety. We conduct detailed structural analysis and finite element modelling to ensure the structural integrity of your yacht.
  3. Hydrodynamics and Performance Optimization: We employ advanced hydrodynamic analysis to enhance the performance of your yacht. Our team optimizes resistance, propulsion, and sea-keeping characteristics for superior efficiency and handling. Through careful analysis of hull form, propeller design, and stability considerations, we aim to deliver exceptional performance and comfort on the water.
  4. Propulsion Systems and Power Integration: Our marine engineers specialize in designing and integrating propulsion systems for yachts. We evaluate various options, including diesel engines, gas turbines, hybrid propulsion, and electric systems, to meet your specific power, efficiency, and environmental sustainability requirements. Our expertise ensures the smooth integration of propulsion systems with the vessel's structure and electrical systems.
  5. Electrical and Mechanical Systems: We provide comprehensive solutions for electrical and mechanical systems on yachts. Our marine engineers design and install reliable and efficient systems for power distribution, HVAC, lighting, navigation, communication, and safety. We prioritize safety, energy efficiency, and compliance with industry standards in all our electrical and mechanical designs.
  6. Safety and Environmental Considerations: We are committed to ensuring the safety of your yacht and protecting the marine environment. Our team incorporates safety systems, fire suppression systems, and pollution prevention measures in our designs. We adhere to international regulations and industry best practices to ensure the highest safety and environmental responsibility.


Contact us today to discuss your yacht project, and let our team of experts guide you through yacht naval architecture and marine engineering.





















Yacht cleaning and care are crucial for maintaining the aesthetics, performance, and longevity of your yacht.


Here are some key aspects to consider when it comes to yacht cleaning and care:

  1. Exterior Cleaning:

  • Regular Washing: Clean the exterior of your yacht regularly using appropriate marine-friendly cleaning products. This helps remove salt, dirt, and grime that can cause corrosion and damage.

  • Deck Cleaning: Clean and scrub the decks to remove stains, spills, and residue. Pay attention to non-skid surfaces and use specialized cleaners and brushes to maintain their effectiveness.

  • Hull Cleaning: Schedule regular hull cleaning to remove marine growth and prevent drag, which can affect performance and fuel efficiency. Consider professional underwater cleaning or use approved hull cleaning tools and solutions.

  • Stainless Steel Care: Polish and protect stainless steel fittings and hardware to prevent corrosion. Use stainless steel cleaners and a soft cloth to maintain their shine.

  1. Interior Cleaning:

  • Dusting and Vacuuming: Regularly dust and vacuum the interior surfaces of your yacht to remove dust, sand, and debris. Pay attention to upholstery, carpets, curtains, and blinds.

  • Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning: Use appropriate cleaners and methods to clean upholstery and carpets. Spot clean any stains promptly to prevent them from setting in.

  • Cabin and Bathroom Cleaning: Regularly clean and sanitize cabins, bathrooms, and galley areas. Use marine-friendly cleaners and disinfectants to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

  1. Canvas and Upholstery Care:

  • Canvas Cleaning: Use mild soap and water to clean canvas covers, bimini tops, and awnings. Remove any mould or mildew promptly to prevent further damage.

  • Upholstery Protection: Consider using fabric protectors on upholstery to repel stains and spills. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for application and reapplication.

  1. Teak Care:

  • Teak Cleaning: Clean teak decks and furniture with appropriate teak cleaners and a soft brush. Scrub along the grain to remove dirt and stains. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

  • Teak Sealing or Oil Application: Apply teak sealer or teak oil periodically to protect and enhance the appearance of the teak. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for application and maintenance.

  1. Regular Maintenance:

  • System Inspections: Regularly inspect and maintain the yacht's electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage or failures.

  • Engine and Generator Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for engine and generator servicing. This includes oil changes, filter replacements, and general inspections.

  • Regular Checks: Regularly check safety equipment, navigational systems, and emergency systems to ensure they are in proper working condition.

  1. Professional Detailing: Consider hiring us for professional yacht detailing services for deep cleaning, waxing, and polishing. As professional detailers, we have the expertise and equipment to achieve a high-quality finish and protect your yacht's surfaces.


Remember to follow manufacturer guidelines and use marine-friendly and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Proper cleaning and care not only enhance the appearance of your yacht, but also contribute to its overall performance and longevity.



We specialize in providing high-quality upholstery and interior services for yachts. With our expertise, we offer a range of services to enhance the comfort, aesthetics, and functionality of your yacht's interior and exterior spaces.


Here's an overview of the services we provide:

  1. Deck Cushions, Canopies, and Bimini Tops: We manufacture and repair deck cushions, canopies, Bimini tops, and other deck elements. Our skilled craftsmen create custom-made cushions and covers that fit your specific requirements. Whether you need new deck cushions, a replacement canopy, or repairs to your Bimini top, we ensure superior craftsmanship and use high-quality materials.
  2. Lazy Bags and Deck Element Covers: We design and fabricate lazy bags and covers for various deck elements. Lazy bags provide a convenient and organized storage solution for sail handling. Additionally, we manufacture covers for winches, life rafts, helm wheels, and binnacles, offering protection from the elements and maintaining their functionality.
  3. Winter Storage Tarpaulins: Our winter storage tarpaulins are designed to protect your yacht during the off-season. These durable and weather-resistant covers safeguard your yacht from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and debris. Custom-made to fit your yacht's dimensions, our tarpaulins offer reliable protection during winter storage.
  4. Interior Sofa and Cushion Upholstery: We specialize in the upholstery of interior sofas and cushions. Whether you need to refresh the look of your yacht's interior or require complete reupholstering, our skilled craftsmen use high-quality fabrics and materials to ensure a beautiful and comfortable interior.
  5. Carpets: We offer a wide range of carpets suitable for yacht interiors. Our selection includes high-quality, marine-grade carpets that are durable, stain-resistant, and tailored to fit your yacht's interior spaces. We provide professional installation to ensure a perfect fit and a luxurious feel.
  6. Sail Cleaning, Repair, and Storage: We provide sail cleaning, repair, and storage services to keep your sails in optimal condition. Our team cleans and inspects your sails, addressing any repairs needed. We offer professional sail installation and removal services, ensuring proper handling and storage to extend their lifespan.
  7. Reports and Official Assessments of Sail Condition: Our experts provide comprehensive reports and official assessments of sail condition. Through detailed inspections, we evaluate the overall condition of your sails, identify any issues or potential concerns, and provide professional recommendations for maintenance, repairs, or replacements.
  8. Design and Manufacture of Sails: We offer design and manufacturing services for sails tailored to your yacht's specifications. Our sail designers work closely with you to create high-performance and reliable sails. We utilize advanced design software and high-quality materials to ensure optimal sail performance and durability.


Contact us today to discuss your yacht's upholstery and interior needs. Let us enhance the comfort, style, and functionality of your yacht's interior and exterior spaces.















We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for the refrigeration and climate control needs of your yacht. Our services include supply, installation, inspection, and maintenance of air-conditioning equipment to ensure optimal comfort onboard.


Here's an overview of the services we offer:

  1. Supply and Installation of Air-Conditioning Equipment: We offer a wide range of air-conditioning equipment suitable for yachts. Our team can assess your specific requirements and recommend the most suitable system for your yacht's size and layout. We provide professional installation services, ensuring efficient and effective cooling and heating capabilities.
  2. Inspection of Fan Coils: Our technicians conduct thorough inspections of fan coils to assess their condition and performance. We check for any signs of wear, damage, or inefficiencies that may affect their functionality. Regular inspections help identify and address any issues before they escalate.

  3. Gas Charging: If your air-conditioning system requires gas charging, our experts can assist you. We have the expertise to charge the system with the appropriate refrigerant, ensuring optimal cooling performance.

  4. Leak Detection: Refrigerant leaks can compromise the efficiency and performance of your air-conditioning system. Our team utilizes advanced techniques and tools to detect and locate any leaks. We promptly address any leaks detected to ensure the system operates at its best.

  5. Compressor Inspection: The compressor is a critical component of an air-conditioning system. Our technicians perform comprehensive inspections of compressors to ensure they are functioning properly. We check for any abnormalities, such as excessive noise, vibration, or inadequate cooling, and address them promptly.

  6. Installation of New Systems and Insulation of Compartments: If you require a new air-conditioning system for your yacht or need to upgrade the existing system, we offer professional installation services. Our team ensures proper placement and integration of the new system, taking into account the specific requirements and layout of your yacht. We also provide compartment insulation to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

  7. Maintenance and Servicing: We offer regular maintenance and servicing for your air-conditioning equipment. Routine maintenance helps optimize performance, extend the lifespan of the equipment, and prevent potential breakdowns. Our technicians perform thorough checks, clean filters, and conduct necessary adjustments to ensure your system operates at its best.


Contact us today to discuss your refrigeration and climate control requirements. Let us provide you with customized solutions to keep your yacht comfortable in any climate.








We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for yacht safety equipment and systems. Our services include inspection, supply, installation, and certification of various safety equipment to ensure the highest standards of safety onboard.


Here's an overview of the services we offer:

  1. Fire-Fighting Equipment: We offer inspection, supply, and installation of fire-fighting equipment for yachts. Our team ensures that your yacht is equipped with the necessary fire appliances, such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire blankets, and fixed firefighting systems. We conduct regular inspections to verify that the equipment is in good working condition and compliant with safety regulations.
  2. Fire Detection Systems: Our experts provide inspection, supply, and installation of fire detection systems for yachts. We assess your yacht's requirements and recommend the appropriate fire detection equipment, including smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors, and alarm systems. We ensure that the systems are properly installed and functioning effectively.
  3. Life Rafts, Radio Beacons, and Life-Saving Equipment: We specialize in the inspection, supply, and certification of life rafts, radio beacons (EPIRBs), self-inflating life-jackets, immersion suits, pyrotechnics (flares), and Man Overboard (MOB) devices. Our team ensures that the life-saving equipment onboard meets regulatory requirements and undergoes regular inspections for proper functioning and readiness in case of emergencies.
  4. Safety Equipment Certification: We provide certification services for safety equipment, including life rafts, life jackets, EPIRBs, immersion suits, and other safety devices. Our experts conduct thorough inspections and tests to ensure that the equipment complies with applicable regulations and is fit for use. Certification provides peace of mind and demonstrates compliance with safety standards.
  5. TIV Services: We offer comprehensive Testing, Inspection, and Verification (TIV) services for various safety equipment and systems onboard. Our TIV services encompass thorough inspections, functional testing, and verification of compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards. We ensure that your safety equipment and systems are reliable and in optimal working condition.


Contact us today to discuss your safety and TIV requirements. Let us help you create a safe and secure environment onboard your yacht

















As a marine supplier, we offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of yacht owners and operators.


Here's an overview of the products we provide:

  1. Engines: We supply engines from reputable manufacturers for propulsion systems and power generation on yachts. Our range includes diesel engines, gas engines, and hybrid systems. We can assist in selecting the appropriate engine based on your yacht's requirements and provide installation services if required.
  2. Lifesaving and Firefighting Equipment: We offer a comprehensive selection of lifesaving and firefighting equipment to ensure the safety of your yacht and its occupants. This includes life rafts, life jackets, EPIRBs, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire blankets, and more. All equipment is sourced from reliable manufacturers and meets industry safety standards.
  3. Fenders and Dinghies: We provide a variety of fenders and dinghies to protect your yacht and facilitate safe embarkation and disembarkation. Our fender selection includes inflatable, foam, and rubber options in different sizes and designs. We also offer dinghies suitable for various purposes, including transportation and recreational use.
  4. Nautical Instruments and Communication Equipment: We supply a range of nautical instruments, including compasses, GPS systems, navigation lights, and depth sounders. Additionally, we offer communication equipment such as VHF radios, satellite communication devices, and antennas to ensure reliable communication while at sea.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): We prioritize the safety of yacht crew and passengers and offer a range of personal protective equipment. This includes safety harnesses, life jackets, helmets, safety goggles, and protective clothing to ensure a safe working and sailing environment.
  6. Deck and Engine Room Supplies: We provide a comprehensive range of decks and engine room supplies to meet your operational needs. This includes cleaning products, lubricants, paints, sealants, tools, and equipment specific to deck maintenance and engine room operations.
  7. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: We offer a selection of eco-friendly cleaning products designed specifically for marine use. These products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and safe for use onboard. They help maintain cleanliness while minimizing the impact on the marine environment.
  8. Chains, Anchors, and Ropes: We supply high-quality chains, anchors, and ropes suitable for different types and sizes of yachts. Our selection includes galvanized and stainless steel chains, various types of anchors, and ropes with different strengths and diameters.


Contact us today to discuss your marine supply requirements. Let us assist you in sourcing the right products to enhance the functionality, safety, and enjoyment of your yacht.


Keeping your Yacht Well-Maintained


Keeping your yacht well-maintained is essential for its longevity, performance, and safety.